e-con Systems Rolls Out New High-Performance Ethernet Camera


e-con Systems has launched a new outdoor-ready global shutter GigE camera called RouteCAM_CU25 that offers accurate and fast capture of moving scenes at a high frame rate, making it suitable for applications like smart traffic, road safety, law enforcement, and forklift safety. The camera can stream high-quality, compressed full HD data in various industry-standard formats, including MJPEG, H.264, and H.265.

“Building on the success of our RouteCAM lineup, RouteCAM_CU25 combines global shutter and PoE technologies to deliver advanced capabilities for a wide range of industrial applications,” said e-con Systems Suresh Madhu.

“The camera offers a significant competitive advantage with its direct cloud connectivity through our device management platform, CloVis Central, streamlining maintenance and accelerating time to market while also providing PTP synchronization capabilities.”

e-con says the CloVis integration facilitates quicker time to market, cost reductions, and improved application success rates. With PTP Synchronization, the RouteCAM_CU25 camera also achieves sub-microsecond levels of time synchronization. Additionally, the camera meets industrial-grade standards such as ISO 16750 and ISO 20653:2013.

“With its high performance, rugged design, and flexible features, RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 is well-suited for applications such as intelligent transport systems for road safety, law enforcement, and smart parking, as well as industrial safety measures, including perimeter safety for forklifts,” adds Madhu.


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