Vivotek Launches Entry-Level AI Camera


Global security solution company Vivotek has debuted its AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera. The camera allows users to utilize AI video analytics services at affordable costs, easily recognize attributes of people and cars, and enhance operational and management efficiencies.

Vivotek says its new camera has three distinct competitive advantages: precise AI analytics, clear imaging, and durability.

Moreover, the camera integrates with Vivotek’s Core+ AI Network Video Recorder or the VAST Security Station (VSS) system. With the addition of Case Vault, VSS can quickly compile and produce needed video data within one minute and provide a complete report for critical videos. This addresses the previous challenge of time-consuming organisation of image data, establishing a comprehensive security environment through an AI solution that integrates both hardware and software.

According to research, the B/B ratio of IP cameras with embedded AI functionality will double by 2027. Vivotek says its entry-tier 9383-Series network camera will target global SME owners, helping them to build complete AI solutions under limited budgets and creating more intelligent and efficient operational environments.


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