Wavestore v6.36


Wavestore has announced the release of v6.36.

Wavestore v6.36 introduces features designed to bring even greater flexibility to security solutions for a constantly evolving world.

From the harshness of the Arctic to the bustling activity of urban environments, v6.36 is engineered to respond dynamically to your unique business challenges.

v6.36 transforms Wavestore into an application that thrives in any environment, regardless of the external conditions.

The VMS can be loaded to specialized ruggedized hardware that ensures security is not compromised, whether monitoring railroads or remote locations in extreme climates.

Situational awareness and control is elevated with v6.36’s responsive client actions.

Wavestore v6.36 enriches the features introduced in its previous release v6.34, including advanced search and PTZ operation logging, with a fresh focus on automation and adaptability.


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