i-PRO’s edge cameras with Docker containers


i-PRO has announced Docker container support for its new X Series line of AI-enabled cameras.

Docker containers directly support i-PRO’s open platform development initiatives by providing a standardized way for application developers to rapidly advance the AI capabilities of i-PRO edge devices.

Docker provides a secure, containerized environment to run custom applications while facilitating easy integration with cloud services. The environment offers a protective barrier, preventing direct access to the core operating functions of the camera, ensuring cybersecurity while allowing maximum flexibility.

Using Docker containers enables the modularization of different AI components. By encapsulating various functionalities within separate containers, it becomes easier to manage and maintain the overall system. Additionally, Docker allows for easy scaling of the AI components by running multiple instances of containers across distributed edge devices.

“Thanks to Docker, third-party app providers can reduce development cycles and costs to develop customized AI apps”,” said Hideo Noguchi, Chief Technical Officer, i-PRO. “Docker containers make tailored analytics development more accessible for everyone.”


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