SALTO Shake Up


SALTO Systems has unveiled the Salto Wecosystem, a new brand platform that brings together its core brands – Salto, Gantner, and the newly introduced Vintia – to lead the digital transformation of access and identity management.

Under the Salto Wecosystem, each brand contributes its strengths and plays a vital role in this common mission:

  • Gantner develops reliable and smart identification, access, cashless payment, and locker solutions that automate and digitise business processes, optimising organisational efficiency and security.
  • Salto continues to lead the way in pioneering building access, identity management, and electronic locking technology that ensures a secure, smart, and seamless user experience.
  • Vintia, the most recent addition to the brand ecosystem, specialises in innovative ticketing and booking systems that revolutionise the customer experience in the leisure and attractions sector.

Mr Frederik Troester, General Manager, SALTO Systems Oceania, explains that ‘Uniting our core brands – Salto, Gantner, and Vintia – under the Salto Wecosystem reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive yet distinct solutions and services that improve access, streamline operations, and enhance the user experience across a wide range of industries. This new brand platform ecosystem allows for a more cohesive market approach, creating further value for our partners who can leverage the strengths of each brand to deliver innovative solutions. The ability to retain distinct solutions, technologies, and brand characteristics while sharing and enabling one another’s synergies is a testament to the strength of the Salto Wecosystem and the collaborative spirit fostered within each brand. Salto has a commitment to the sustainable delivery of our products. We’ll continue this focus in the Salto Wecosystem and promise to incorporate practices that help us deliver a more secure, interconnected world that positively impacts future generations.”

Marc Gómez assumes the role of Salto Wecosystem CEO while Javier Roquero transitions out to focus on his Board Member position plus Salto Wecosystem Strategy Committee member.

As a pivotal part of this new phase, Salto Wecosystem is pleased to welcome Marc Gómez as the incoming Group CEO, effective April 2nd, 2024. Marc Gómez brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to steer Salto Wecosystem towards new heights.

Marc Gómez, CEO, Salto Wecosystem, says “I am genuinely excited to join Salto Wecosystem as CEO during this transformative period. The company’s commitment to innovation and its dynamic approach to change align with my own values. Together, we will chart a course for growth, success, and sustained excellence.

Javier Roquero, outgoing CEO of Salto Wecosystem, says “I have been truly blessed to work alongside such capable and hard-working individuals at Salto for the past 23 years. As I now focus on my role as a Board Member and member of the Salto Wecosystem Strategy Committee, I am convinced that the company will continue to grow and get better under the leadership of Marc Gómez. I am grateful to everyone I’ve had the privilege of working with and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.”

Javier will now also be involved with the launch of the upcoming Salto Wecosystem Foundation. Marc Handels, Salto Wecosystem CTIO, co-founder and Member of the Board, will also join the newly formed Board Strategy Committee.


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