New Blackmagic Videohub 12G


Blackmagic Design has announced three new models of Blackmagic Videohub 12G zero latency video routers able to connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD on the same router at the same time. Blackmagic Videohub 12G models feature a front panel with shortcut buttons, an LCD which can display labels or live video, and a machined metal spin knob for browsing video sources.

It also eliminates cable mess because customers can plug all their SDI equipment into the router, then do connections electronically. The front panel is similar to a Videohub Master Control Pro and it features a spin knob for browsing, direct entry buttons for speed and an LCD for displaying labels. However because the panel is built into the router, users can also see live video on the LCD. The LCD also has menus so it lets customers change router settings.

With a built in LCD, Blackmagic Videohub 12G can show users live video of all their router inputs. This means users can see all router inputs as live video before customers change a route.

There are also labels displayed below the live video to make it easy to identify the input users are viewing. What this means is users can scroll up and down the router sources in alphabetical order and see each input as live video, even if the inputs are different video standards.

All models of Blackmagic Videohub 12G feature advanced 12G-SDI connections which are multi rate so they support any SD, HD and Ultra HD video format up to 2160p60 and will connect to any SD, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI equipment.

Blackmagic Videohub 12G also supports routing any video standard on the same router at the same time. That means on the 40×40 model users could route up to 40 different video standards at the same time.

12G-SDI has high frame rate Ultra HD via a single BNC connection that also plugs into all of their regular HD equipment.

Videohub includes built in SDI re-clocking on every 12G-SDI input. SDI re-clocking regenerates the video signal for maximum video quality.

All Blackmagic Videohub routers can be remotely controlled, which is vital in large broadcast studios where the equipment connected to the router is located in different areas of the building.

There are 2 different types of hardware panel available. The Videohub Master Control Pro is similar to the front panel and has a spin knob, LCD and shortcut buttons. While the Videohub Smart Control Pro model features all buttons and is generally programmed so the panel controls a single router output with each button programmed to a router input.

Videohub Software Control is usable on both Mac and Windows. The software features large buttons that are easy to press. Each button can be customized to a router input, a router output, and has an icon assigned to help identify it visually. The big buttons are great for use on a touchscreen PC, where the software becomes a large screen XY control panel.

“It really was time to update our all in one compact router family with new models that have much better design and better technology. We are extremely excited to release the new Blackmagic Videohub models” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “All models in the family now have 12G-SDI which means that customers can connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD up to high frame rate 2160p60. Zero latency makes them perfect for live production and broadcast. It will be exciting to hear how customers use these new routers!”

Blackmagic Videohub 12G Features

  • Available in 10×10, 20×20 and 40×40 models.
  • Zero latency 12G-SDI supports SD, HD and Ultra HD up to 2160p60.
  • Built in control panel with direct entry buttons and spin knob control.
  • LCD monitor with live video and labels for visual routing.
  • SDI re-clocking on all 12G-SDI inputs.
  • Works with Videohub Master Control Pro and Videohub Smart Control Pro control panels.
  • Supports Videohub Software Control for Mac, Windows and iPad.
  • Includes free SDK for integration into broadcast automation systems.
  • Ethernet for remote control from external hardware or software control panels.
  • Localized for 13 popular languages.

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