IDIS Launches Ai in the Box


IDIS has launched its new NDAA-compliant AI in the Box (DV-3200) to boost the efficiency of its surveillance operations and take a proactive approach to safety and security with highly accurate and in-house developed deep learning analytics.

The new NDAA-compliant enterprise-class, 64-channel video analytics server with an NVIDIA CUDA and high-performance-accelerated platform from South Korea’s largest in-country surveillance manufacturer uses the power of the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, with an industry accuracy rate of up to 98%.

 The DV-3200 comes preconfigured with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS and IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, making event-detection more reliable and freeing operators from the burden of managing false alarm pop-ups triggered by harmless environmental factors. This reduces distraction and fatigue, making it easier for security teams and first responders to focus on events of interest and potential threats. This gives them enhanced domain awareness, allowing them to verify events and initiate appropriate responses more rapidly.

The DV-3200 enables highly accurate and calibration-free AI features, including object detection, line crossing, intrusion, and loitering detection. It also benefits users with robust object classification, enabling advanced search functionality driven by IDIS Instant Meta Filtering, designed to speed up and transform incident investigation. It allows rapid forensic post-event search by trigger, object, color, and number, across multiple video cameras. With automated searches now taking just minutes, this removes the need for operators to manually comb through hours or days of footage.

 Each AI video ready server allows analysis of up to 64-channels simultaneously, and by using IDIS Solution Suite VMS, organizations can easily scale up with additional boxes to manage and centrally monitor an unlimited number of devices and sites. There is also a flexibility to connect to a range of third-party cameras and devices; low maintenance costs; and smooth firmware updates.

 The IDIS Deep Learning Engine is in-house developed and trained on vast datasets. There is no ongoing license fees or device connection costs, and IDIS’ industry-best warranties underline the DV-3200’s reliability and low maintenance burden.

 James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe says this latest IDIS AI innovation makes advanced video analyses easier and more affordable to adopt for a range of organizations, such as university campuses, logistics and warehousing, and critical infrastructure, with the potential to transform not only security and safety but tackle wider operational challenges.

 “The DV-3200 is a game-changer for enterprise size customers, allowing video streams to be automatically monitored more accurately and affordably than ever before,” he added. “With advanced video analytics supporting security and policing teams, time critical activities such as alarm response and incident investigations will become more efficient and faster than previously possible.”


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