Videonetics’ Technology Integration with Veracity


Videonetics has declared its integration of its Intelligent VMS 3.0 with VIEWSCAPE of Veracity.

The collaboration brings together Intelligent VMS (IVMS) 3.0 with VIEWSCAPE, allowing security personnel to enhance their situational awareness along with handling threats and incidents proactively in any size of installation.

The purpose-built integration between Intelligent VMS and VIEWSCAPE offers alarm-based correlation for viewing live or recorded feeds fetched within VIEWSCAPE. Additionally, the alarms and alerts are generated by Videonetics IVMS related to the system health, operator activity or anomalies detected by its built-in Video Analytics engine.

The operators are equipped to investigate incidents as soon as they receive and accept alarms in VIEWSCAPE, and it will pull the live or playback feeds from Videonetics Intelligent VMS.

Moreover, operators can have quick analysis of health monitoring of CCTV devices on their dashboard through Videonetics IVMS. This helps in scheduling maintenance, keep track on maintenance TAT, communicate with third-party OEMs to resolve issues timely.

For effective investigation, operators can export both live or earlier incidents videos and share within the team for faster decision making.

“An open integrated security management platform VIEWSCAPE allows customers to opt for ‘best of breed’ video management systems such as Videonetics VMS. The integration between both systems provides a feature rich unified interface to control room operator for smart and efficient handling of emergency situations. The seamless two-way integrated solution results in reduction of response time, adherence of relative standard operational procedures and timely notification to key stake holders. Both Veracity and Videonetics R&D teams have enriched this integration with real time use cases experiences of live projects.” expressed Vivek Kumar, Country Director of Veracity (INDIA).


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