Fingerprints Makes its Mark


Biometrics by Fingerprints in ProFIDO digital access card by Valmido

Valmido has launched its first biometric access card, ProFIDO Bio following its partnership with Fingerprints.

The smart card is a FIDO2 hardware authenticator and is now equipped with a biometric fingerprint sensor. It enables secure logical access, with typical use cases including secure, passwordless and hassle-free Windows login and website authentication.

Thanks to a partnership with Fingerprints, Valmido enables getting rid of passwords with the highest security level and yet superior user experience. With our multi-purpose device based on biometrics and 21st century connectivity, citizens and corporations stay in control of their digital credentials. Phishing-resistant authentication based on FIDO passwordless solution, is making password- and PIN-related problems history,” says Marc Muller, CTO of Valmido.

Michel Roig, the President of Payment and Access at Fingerprints, added: “Security should not be a burden for employees, nor present additional worries for employers. Moving to passwordless authentication to control access provides additional, robust protection that a modern-day business now requires, especially those with hybrid workforces. Collaborating with Valmido to provide smart biometric capabilities means we’re able to help leaders future-proof their organizations with hassle-free and highly secure solutions.”

Fingerprints and SmartDisplayer collaborate on unique FIDO2 biometric card

Meanwhile, Fingerprints and SmartDisplayer have announced they are strengthening their collaboration by bringing to market a unique biometric FIDO2 card, integrating Fingerprints´ FPC1323 sensor as well as its FPC-BEP software platform. The card can be used for a wide range of different logical access applications.

“We are happy to collaborate with SmartDisplayer to bring biometric authentication to FIDO2 card design. The result is a card which combines security, flexibility and user-friendliness, facilitating highly secure access to a multitude of devices and data. Enabling safe and convenient FIDO2 biometric cards for everyday use”, says Roger Carrico, VP of Sales, Payment & Access at Fingerprints.


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