New Non-fluorinated Foam for Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks


Johnson Controls has announced the launch of THUNDERSTORM WNF33A 3%x3% Non-Fluorinated Foam Concentrate, the newest addition to the renowned WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL firefighting foam portfolio.

Powerful protection

Fuel in-depth fires and sunken roof hazards can occur at flammable liquid storage facilities, oil and gas tank farms, refineries and petrochemical processing operations. Historically, non-fluorinated foams have been challenged to deliver the performance of a traditional alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam (AR-AFFF) for Class B firefighting on these types of hazards. The new THUNDERSTORM WNF33A Foam Concentrate provides excellent fire and vapor suppression for hydrocarbon fuels, such as gasolines and diesel, as well as for polar-solvent fuels, such as alcohols and ketones.

“We’ve rigorously tested THUNDERSTORM WNF33A Foam Concentrate, and it demonstrates excellent control and extinguishment for large, hydrocarbon tank fires similar to legacy THUNDERSTORM foam products,” said David Ash, product director of Firefighting Foam Products, Johnson Controls. “It’s also highly effective when used to fight flammable liquid spills.”

Proven performance

During recent 42-foot tank fire tests at the Industrial Rescue Instruction Systems Training Center in Beaumont, Texas, THUNDERSTORM WNF33A was evaluated at an application rate of 0.08 gpm/ft2, which is half the design rate recommended by UL 162 and NFPA 11 industry standards for hydrocarbon fuel in-depth fires. Control of the tank fire was established in approximately two minutes, comparable to that of legacy THUNDERSTORM foam concentrates on similar 42-foot tank tests. Its long-lasting foam blanket also demonstrated strong burnback resistance and post-fire suppression.

THUNDERSTORM WNF33A Foam Concentrate has a viscosity similar to its AR-AFFF predecessor and can be used with most conventional response proportioning and discharge devices. This foam concentrate produces a robust foam blanket at expansion ratios as low as 3:1, so it can be applied with non-aspirating nozzles and deliver significant throw distance. It can also be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents for dual firefighting application.

Backed by the industry leader

Continuing the renowned, 70-year heritage of THUNDERSTORM foams from the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL product portfolio as well as other Johnson Controls fire protection products and solutions, THUNDERSTORM WNF33A Foam Concentrate delivers the firefighting performance needed to respond with confidence to today’s most challenging oil, gas, chemical and industrial fires.

THUNDERSTORM WNF33A Foam Concentrate is a GreenScreen CertifiedTM Silver formulation. As a non-fluorinated foam concentrate, it doesn’t have any intentionally added PFAS chemistry, is produced in equipment that has not handled PFAS chemistry and inherently complies with Directives (EU) 2017/1000 on PFOA and 2019/1021 (EU POPs directive).


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