RecFaces Opens Training Center


RecFaces has announced it has opened a Training Center to help IT-system integrators, distributors and end customers from different countries to implement facial biometric solutions.

According to forecasts by Future Market Insights, facial recognition software market will grow from $5.2 billion in 2022 to $22.5 billion by 2032 at an average annual growth rate of 15.7%. According to analysts, the growth rate of the biometric identification software market will outpace the growth rate of the general facial recognition market, as well as the growth rate of the law enforcement applications market.

“In the first half of 2022 the number of requests for training in facial recognition technologies increased by 30%”, says RecFaces CEO Tamara Morozova.

The RecFaces specialists have helped dozens of integrators and their customers to set up facial recognition technologies and learn how to work with them using the example of ready-made biometric solutions such as Id-Guard and Id-Gate. The RecFaces company has received positive feedbacks from distributors and integrators including Anixter (Saudi Arabia), Key Solution Systems (Mexico), Audio Technology S.A.E (Egypt), Keymerging Technologies Ltd (Kenya), T-Sign Solution Ltd (Thailand), Varius Technologies (Kazakhstan).

RecFaces Training Center

RecFaces will provide free online and offline trainings for IT-system integrators, distributors and end-users of biometric products based on facial recognition technology. Multilingual classes are conducted by RecFaces experts both in English and Spanish. Not only do they provide the theoretical foundations of biometrics, but they also show how to use this tool on the example of successful cases.

“RecFaces trainings are based on a model of increasing the level of perimeter security through the introduction of biometric products based on facial recognition. The combination of all RecFaces lectures makes up the optimal set of competencies and tools for solving specific tasks, needed by both technical staff and security specialists in any company”, – says RecFaces Head of Training Center Farida Baychorova. «Our team has already got extensive experience in conducting online and offline lectures. Initially, the idea to open a Training center arose after conducting an interactive offline training with our technology partners Pelco in the UAE».

The free course consists of three live lectures lasting 1 hour each: introduction to biometrics, presentation of facial recognition solutions and software setup. At each lecture, the expert allocates time to answer questions from the audience.


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