Gallagher SMB Security Solution Adds Support for A Wider Range Of Doors


Gallagher has announced it has added support for a wider variety of doors including gates, roller doors, and cabinets.

Lisa Tubb, Senior Product Manager for Gallagher, says, “This release builds on the existing flexibility of the system, giving customers more options for the types of doors they can control from their smartphone.”

“We are constantly listening to feedback from the market to ensure we are meeting the business needs of our customers. We’ve learned that users of the SMB system have a variety of site configurations that include more than just typical access doors.”

Using the new Open functionality, found within the Doors tab of the Gallagher SMB app, customers can momentarily unlock a gate, roller, or other type of door, from anywhere at any time. This is useful when someone needs access to a site after hours, such as a courier driver dropping off goods, and saves travelling to the business.

A further benefit of this feature release is the added flexibility it provides SMB Installation Partners, who can now configure a door to better meet the customer’s specific needs – with or without an access reader.

“Through understanding the requirements of our customers, we’ve found there are instances where the additional security provided by Access Control is not needed for specific doors. For example, a storage room that is not accessed frequently, but still needs to be secured” explains Lisa.


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