Gallagher Goes Tech in the Americas


Gallagher has announced the expansion of its technical support services to the Americas with a dedicated team of people based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Operating from September 5 onwards, the team in the Americas will create stronger connections in the region, while also alleviating the New Zealand team’s current load of operating all day and all night.

“It’s an evolution of our technical support. We’ve been providing 24/7 technical support from New Zealand and we’re growing really quickly elsewhere, particularly in the Americas. So, this expansion has been a couple of years in the making,” says Shane Keesom, Gallagher’s Technical Support Manager.

“Expanding our global support capabilities is a natural progression of our vision to provide exceptional customer experiences. The team here in the Americas adds to the diversity within our global team,” says Paul Wilson, the Gallagher’s Director of Technical Services for North America.

The new team consists of four engineers, servicing the entire globe during their shift, with one member who is able to provide technical support in Spanish too.

“This is going to be gold, being able to talk to our partners and customers in their own language and lingo,” says Matthew Dean, Gallagher’s Technical Support Team Leader.


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