Bosch Introduces 360-Degree Perimeter View In 30 Seconds


Bosch has introduced the MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera, offering a wide thermal view to increase the level of security in perimeter detection applications. Equipped with a 9mm lens, the new camera expands the current MIC IP fusion 9000i line-up of AI-powered security solutions.

Specifically designed for short range perimeter security at critical sites, the MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera delivers full 360-degree coverage in 30 seconds. Obtaining a full circle view quickly lowers security costs per square meter, resulting in customer savings.

The camera is protected by full metal housing and offers the same level of longevity and reliability of existing 19mm and 50mm lens models.

The new 9mm lens delivers an expanded thermal view (70° x 52°). As a result, a single camera only requires six prepositions to provide 360-degree coverage in 30 seconds. Like other MIC IP fusion 9000i models, the 9mm camera combines a thermal imager with a 1080p starlight optical imager in a single housing. For security regardless of lighting conditions, the camera can blend object detection data from both thermal and optical video streams via metadata fusion technology.

The combination of built-in Intelligent Video Analytics and metadata fusion technologies provides operators with enhanced overall awareness of their environment regardless of which video stream they are viewing. Metadata fusion automatically triggers alerts to help operators focus on things that need attention, even if they are not necessarily visible in the video stream being watched due to poor lighting, smoke or complete darkness.

For example, while a person is walking in a tunnel, a serious incident takes place causing the tunnel to quickly fill with smoke. Due to poor visibility, the optical camera can no longer detect persons. However, the thermal imager will continue to distinguish them, and the metadata overlay is visible on the optical image. An alarm is triggered, and the operator receives notification of the event from both image streams and can immediately switch to the thermal image by clicking on the metadata. Once the operator sees the video data related to the event, he can determine the next right action to take.

The longer-range lens (50mm) provides long-range detection and early warning for borders, shipping channels or airport runways, while the 19mm lens is built for medium range applications. The new 9mm version now supports short range applications in which a full circle overview needs to be provided within seconds.

The MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera features a solid metal body with superior metallurgy and finish to provide exceptional protection against corrosion. Built for long-term performance in extreme environments, the camera can withstand high wind, rain, and snow, as well as 100-percent humidity and extreme temperatures from -40° to 65° C (-40° to 149° F).

The use of all-metal intermeshing gears allows greater resistance to shock and vibration and longer operational life compared to cameras with plastic gears and rubber belts. In the event of shock or external force such as gale force winds, the camera relies on positional encoders to resume the exact pre-programmed position without the need for operator interference.

Overall, the MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera completes the high-performance line of smart perimeter protection cameras with a short-range option. By choosing MIC cameras, operators can protect their assets day and night with exceedingly fast 360-degree imaging. Regardless of weather, temperature, vibration, or shock, the new MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera delivers situational intelligence to help operators deal with incidents that require a quick and precise response.


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