Gallagher’s on Command with New Release


The latest version of Gallagher’s site management software, Command Centre, has been released to market.

Command Centre v8.70 has a range of features that include a next-generation integration with HALO Smart Sensor.

Able to detect substances in the atmosphere, as well as light, pressure, temperature, humidity, and sound, the HALO Smart Sensor integration helps sites achieve safe and healthy environments by detecting abnormalities such as a gunshot or smoke, and monitors this within Command Centre.

“We provide regular Command Centre updates to support sites of all sizes and security requirements,” says Meredith Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Gallagher. “Command Centre v8.70 offers intelligent solutions that respond to the needs of our customers today, providing enhanced site protection and features designed to improve the operator experience.”

A complete revamp of the controller upgrade process addresses a pain point for sites carrying out multiple controller upgrades. The purpose-built controller update tool minimizes disruption to a site’s operation while providing greater situational awareness and visibility of the upgrade process.

The Command Centre v8.70 release also delivers enhancements to Command Centre’s Site Plans functionality including a background color selector, enabling operators to customize the background and viewport to suit the needs of their site.

Enhanced support for third-party access solutions, including SALTO Space 6.4 support for the SALTO NCoder, and IDEMIA MorphoWave fingerprint templates on card now supported with MorphoWave devices, offer customers greater flexibility and choice in access solutions.

Command Centre v8.70 was released on 17 May 2022.


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