Senstar Named Premium Technology Partner


Senstar has announce the integration of its Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with the WinGuard open PSIM software from Advancis.

The integration uses the Senstar Symphony SDK to bring live and recorded video along with video analytic alarms into WinGuard, where it can be displayed alongside physical security and other data.

“The integrated WinGuard and Senstar Symphony solution enables operators to save time because it presents them with important information when needed. The solution includes a VMS and analytics mechanism to provide data to the presentation layer for the best possible experience using state of the art software solutions,” said Senstar Product Manager Tom Hofer. “Senstar is proud to work with Advancis to deliver a highly available system from top to bottom.”

Christian Jourdan, Strategic Alliances Manager at Advancis, said: “The command of the Senstar Symphony system with integrated video analytics and complete integration of access control and perimeter protection systems via WinGuard allow the user to process all event messages quickly and conveniently. In addition, forensic reports of all actions are automatically generated, ensuring comprehensive documentation for all process participants.”


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