New Sprinkler Shields for Warehouses


Johnson Controls has introduced the Tyco Model ES-1 and ES-2 Sprinkler Shields for the protection of in-rack early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinklers in storage facilities and warehouses.

The all-metal shields work to protect sprinkler elements from cold soldering, which occurs when cascading water from ceiling-mounted and high-mounted in-rack sprinklers cool down and inhibits the operation of in-rack sprinklers mounted at lower heights.

As storage ceiling and rack heights continue to trend higher and hold higher-hazard material like non-expanded and expanded plastics, the need for in-rack sprinklers has increased. When used in conjunction with ceiling protection, in-rack ESFRs have become an integral component in an overall fire protection solution. FM datasheets 8-9 and 8-34 now require that when multiple levels of ESFR sprinklers are used, the sprinklers below the highest level have shields to protect them from getting wet should a sprinkler above them operate.

“ESFR pendent sprinklers now have an FM Approved shield for in-rack storage applications to help ensure proper function when used in combination with ceiling protection,” said Don Ricca, global product director, Johnson Controls. “The shields provide a dry atmosphere allowing sprinkler elements to operate as designed, even when surrounded by falling water from sprinklers mounted higher in the rack or on the ceiling.”

The sprinkler shields are designed for use with Tyco Model ESFR pendent sprinklers. The ES-1 Shield is designed for a thread size of 3/4-inch and works with ESFR-14 and ESFR-17 sprinklers. The ES-2 Shield is designed for a thread size of 1-inch and works with ESFR-22 and ESFR-25 sprinklers.

Tyco ES-1 and ES-2 Sprinkler Shields are available zinc-coated or painted red, allowing for aesthetics that meet the needs of the operational space in which they are installed.


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