TECH5 Makes its Contactless AI-Based Fingerprint Capture Technology Available to the Global Market


TECH5 has launched its contactless mobile biometric capture technology powered by AI and deep learning – T5-AirSnap Finger.

The company has also launched an enhanced AI-based fingerprint matching algorithm, which ensures high accuracy even with low quality fingerprints, while at the same time requiring 5-10 times less hardware compared to other leading competitor brands.

The system is ready for deployment in both civil and criminal systems.

Using the built-in camera of a smartphone for biometric acquisition, T5-AirSnap Finger is capable of finger detection, enhancing, image processing, and scaling to generate images that can be sent for verification or registration within seconds.

T5-AirSnap Finger is also capable of running a liveness check. The entirely frictionless process ensures that the data is taken from a real person and that the image(s) are of acceptable quality and suitable for standard AFIS solutions. The images are also suitable for use with legacy datasets since the technology ensures compliance with all applicable standards and customer requirements. The technology is fully interoperable and can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure or ecosystem.

The resulting data can be sent to a central identity management system (T5-ABIS or 3rd party) for registration, matching, or verification. Alternatively, the data can be used for identity verification locally on the same mobile device with TECH5 mobile fingerprint SDK or a third-party solution.

T5-AirSnap Finger is available as a separate technology SDK as well as part of the T5-Digital ID toolkit – the technology building block for digital ID decoding, mobile biometric capture, and verification on mobile devices.

In addition to frictionless single finger capture, T5-AirSnap Finger can be used for self-capture (4-4-1-1), or in assisted mode for operators (4-4-2).

“T5-AirSnap Finger helps solve pandemic-related concerns related to the use of touch technologies. This technology, which we at TECH5 developed with different objectives in mind far before the pandemic, is designed to increase the scalability of fingerprint-based solutions and reduce the dependency on costly purpose-built hardware that traditionally drives up costs in large-scale projects. T5-AirSnap Finger is a frictionless and efficient tool that does not require mobile device calibration.” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5.

“T5-AirSnap Finger can be deployed in countless use cases, including digital onboarding and verification for banking, national ID or vaccination programmes, access control, and any other situation in which fingerprint capture is required” – comments Machiel van der Harst, TECH5 Co-Founder and CEO. “T5-AirSnap Finger has already been tested by some of our partners. It is currently being deployed in Africa and Latin America” – says Mr. van der Harst.


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