Abloy Introduces Abloy Cumulus | A New Platform for Keyless Access


Abloy Oy has announced Abloy Cumulus, a platform for keyless access, combining quality hardware products with secure access and management applications. It brings all the solutions together into a single ecosystem with a risk-free, integrated cloud service.

“CUMULUS is our next step in the ‘keyvolution’ — the development in which mechanical keys are transforming into digital ones. We have wrapped our more than one hundred years of security expertise into digital solutions for connected access management,” said Jussi Ahvalo, Vice President, International Sales, Abloy Oy.

The Key to Keyless Access

The world is becoming keyless, access rights are going digital, and customers want everything to be integratable. Many property owners and managers are planning to switch to access management that is seamlessly location-independent, while securing all their keyless access points.

“CUMULUS minimizes management risks and provides a secure, tailored, always on-line and evolving access platform for our customer organizations. It is a cloud service for modern security management. With CUMULUS we provide continuously up-to-date, data-secure access management products and software,” said Jussi Ahvalo.

CUMULUS Padlock and Software First to Market

CUMULUS is targeted at commercial and professional end-users (PEU). In the first phase its primary vertical markets are parcel deliveries, finance (cash-in-transit) and construction. Geographically, CUMULUS will first be aimed select markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. More markets will be added gradually.

The first CUMULUS-branded products that will be available for customers later this year, include a padlock, a mobile application, a cloud-based software engine (backend) and application programming interfaces (APIs). The APIs allow integrations to third-party applications such as booking, reporting, resource management and access control systems. New products will continuously be added to the CUMULUS range.


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