D-Link Launches New, Sleek and Discreet Home Security Cameras


D-Link has launched its new DCS-6500LH Compact Full HD Pan & Tilt and DCS-6100LH Compact Full HD Sleek and Discreet Wi-Fi Home Security Cameras.

The Compact DCS-6100LH Full HD Wi-Fi Camera blends enhanced Smart Home Surveillance features with a stylish, subtle design. IR Night Vision together with Sound and Motion Detection alerts you instantly when something unexpected happens, giving you extra peace of mind with the latest in-home security camera technology.

The DCS-6100LH brings clear surveillance as it allows you to monitor your home in Full HD 1080p resolution with a wide-angle 110-degree Field of View (FOV), day or night, making it the perfect 24/7 home security companion. Designed to be stylish, subtle and simple to use, it’s ideal for discreet placement anywhere throughout your home.

The DCS-6100LH’s built-in Sound and Motion Detection enables you to trigger alerts that are automatically sent to your mobile device and the video clip recordings let you stay aware of what’s going on at all times in your home – and yes, it’s ideal as a baby monitor or office camera as well.

If you’re worried that you’ll lose all your camera footage the DCS-6100LH Compact Full HD Wi-Fi Camera lets you record snapshots and video clips to the cloud for anytime access. You can also play back recordings from the cloud or download footage to your mobile device from anywhere, anytime through the Internet.

DCS-6500LH Compact Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

The DCS-6500LH Compact Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera gives you 340° views as its Pan & Tilt technology allows you to see virtually every angle of any room. With Motion and Sound Detection as well as Night Vision that provides up to five metres of monitoring in complete darkness, this all-seeing watchful eye alerts you to anything or anyone that moves inside your home.

The DCS-6500LH Camera’s clever Auto Motion Tracking means that the Compact Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera turns into an all-seeing, highly-responsive, roving eye that pans and tilts to track objects no matter where they move – automatically. Now that is clever.

There’s also maximum discretion with Privacy Mode as D-Link understands that there’s nothing more sacred than privacy in the comfort of your own home. You can easily turn on Privacy Mode via the mydlink app and the lens is covered completely, giving you maximum control over your privacy whenever you need it.

Both the DCS-6100LH and the DCS-6500LH lets you record snapshots and video clips to the cloud for anytime access and playback, and there are multiple cloud subscription offers to maximise your recording options too.

Both Cameras work with the Google Assistant and Alexa so you can use voice controls to, amongst other things, stream live video from your camera to compatible devices such as the Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot or the Google Chromecast.

Both cameras also use the very latest in WPA3™ encryption for even more protection.


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