VIVOTEK Debuts Its First iNSIGHT Series Products Driven by OSSA


Pushing forward with the surveillance industry revolution, VIVOTEK (TWSE: 3454), the global-leading IP surveillance solution provider, launches its iNSIGHT series fixed dome camera, the FD9392-EHTV-O, and AI-box, the IE9111-O. The iNSIGHT series presents added value and deeper understanding that goes beyond the surface. Driven by the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA), the initiative follows OSSA’s Technology Stack for video security devices that prescribes an open and standardized platform for security and safety solutions. These two products represent the future of implementing an open platform approach in physical surveillance products, enabling system integrators, software application developers and users to cooperatively create in an open, efficient, and intelligent video age.

The new iNSIGHT series products adopt Qualicomm SoC, encompassing machine learning and edge computing to deliver computing  power through devices. In addition to advanced versatility and flexibility, the new iNSIGHT series was also designed based on an open IoT platform system supported by Security & Safety Things, making it easy for users and system integrators to download and install various Apps with intelligent video content analytics on the AIoT fixed dome camera, FD9392-EHTV-O. For existing security systems, VIVOTEK introduced its edge-computing AI-box, the IE9111-O, allowing system integrators to connect existing network cameras and transform the whole array into an AIoT intelligent system.

Steve Ma, Vice President of VIVOTEK’s Open Platform Business Division stated: “In the past, manufacturers and software developers were forced to expend resources on making their systems compatible to one another. From the day we joined the Alliance, our mission has been to create real value through technological innovation. Launching the iNSIGHT series camera and AI-box ‘Driven by OSSA’ is our first vital step as we envision the promising value and business opportunities of what lies ahead. We have received positive feedback in several pilot run projects of retail and parking applications. Together, we can lead the industry to the next level.”

“It is extremely rewarding to see the Alliance’s vision literally coming to market in the form of these very first ‘Driven by OSSA’ products. And we are delighted that these first products originate from VIVOTEK, one of OSSA’s founding members,” said Johan Jubbega, President, Open Security & Safety Alliance. “We are proud to collaborate with industry leaders that understand this collaborative, open platform philosophy spurs innovation beyond the limits of a single organization to ripple benefits outward for greater market potential and a more intuitive, customized user experience.”

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