Getac’s next generation V110 laptop set for rugged reliability for field professionals


Getac has announced the launch of its next generation V110 fully rugged laptop, aimed at professionals who need a rugged, yet versatile device they can rely on in a range of challenging work environments including defence personnel, police officers, paramedics, field utility workers and manufacturing technicians.

Best-in-class versatility and performance

The next generation V110 delivers the exceptional rugged reliability Getac customers have come to know and trust, alongside a powerful new set of features that offer best-in-existing-class versatility and performance. Key features include high performance quad-core processor and PCIe SSD storage as standard.

The V110 also boasts outstanding connectivity for optimal productivity in any situation. The latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 increases connection performance and stability in dense or congested environments, while WLAN Wi-Fi 6 offers up to three times faster wireless data speeds than previous generations. A combination of WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, 4G LTE and GPS ensures users can get online from anywhere and advanced inbuilt technology lowers power consumption when connected, for more extensive field use between charges.

Elsewhere, a series of configurable I/O options including 8MP rear camera, barcode reader, RFID reader, and USB3.1 Gen 2 Type-C allow users to easily capture/transmit data directly from the field.

Like all Getac products, the V110 is also built rugged from the ground up, featuring IP65 and  MIL-STD-810H  certifications, as well as drop resistance of up to 4 feet while in use.

Unique design

The next generation V110 combines the functionality of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet, giving users the benefit of both. Its unique hinge design allows the device to quickly convert between laptop and tablet mode with ease, while hot swappable batteries can extend usage times whenever needed.

Getac Select® program – tailored for industry needs

The V110 is part of the Getac Select® program, which combines pre-configured rugged devices, software, accessories and professional services into a series of solutions optimised for individual applications and user groups. Four key software utilities also available for use alongside the V110 are Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS), Getac Virtual GPS Utility (VGPS) and Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility.*

The perfect partner for field utility professionals

The V110 fully rugged laptop is light and compact enough to go wherever field engineers need to go, while its extensive connectivity options make it easy to transmit important data from any location. The device also supports powerful mobile geographic information systems (GIS), enabling the display of surveying and mapping schematics directly on-device. A crystal clear, outdoor readable display that can be operated in the rain, or when wearing gloves, keeps productivity high in all weather conditions.

Getac Driving Safety Utility*, available as part of the Getac Select® program, can also be used to protect employees from dangerous distractions when behind the wheel by blanking their device’s screen and locking the keyboard as soon as their vehicle starts moving.  A series of custom settings allow access to pre-defined work-related programs, such as GPS, as needed.

A versatile field solution for police officers and paramedics

The V110 fully rugged laptop can be securely mounted in-vehicle while en-route to a scene, then quickly removed and converted into a tablet for use in the field. The large typing area makes data input simple, while a backlit keyboard ensures easy operation in poorly lit areas. The V110 also features a robust suite of enterprise level data security tools keeping data on the device protected at all times.

In addition, the optional Getac tri-pass-through secure vehicle docks offer more accurate GPS and faster connectivity to WWAN. A push button latch with keyed lock helps deter thieves.

Track device health with Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS)

IT managers across industries like utilities and public safety are constantly striving to support remote workforces as efficiently as possible, which can be extremely challenging.

GDMS*, available as part of the Getac Select® program, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that tracks which devices are working optimally and which aren’t, all through a central dashboard, helping spot potential issues early and prevent costly downtime.

Rick Hwang, president, rugged and video solutions business group, Getac, said, “When the V110 first launched, it quickly set a new benchmark in the rugged laptop sector thanks to its combination of great versatility and rugged reliability, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. With the launch of the next generation V110 we’ve taken this even further, distilling years of customer feedback and expertise into a comprehensive solution that redefines how professionals from a range of sectors can use rugged technology to achieve their daily goals.”

*Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS), Getac Virtual GPS Utility (VGPS) and Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility (rear camera required), are individual options for the V110 under the Getac Select® program.


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