Vanderbilt’s SPC Accredited NF A2P Cyber – RTC Cybersecurity Standard


Vanderbilt has announced that the award-winning SPC system has been accredited to the NF A2P Cyber-RTC cybersecurity standard from the CNPP.

The SPC intrusion system was tested by CNPP to ensure that it meets the latest needs for cybersecurity. This is part of Vanderbilt’s continuous endeavor and commitment to work with approval bodies to ensure both the best in class security and the confidence that your security system is secure.

“By certifying our SPC intrusion ranges on the latest CNPP NFA2P at Cyber Type 2 and 3 repositories, Vanderbilt provides all its customers with high-level security for all remote monitoring transmissions, as well as for cloud applications such as our service SPC Connect to combine user-friendliness, availability, and security,” says Hervé Houy, Vanderbilt Country Manager for France.

SPC #1SPC, an IP-ready intrusion alarm system, has been designed with communications and security at its core. Using the FlexC protocol to communicate with AES256-CBC encryption, the communications between SPC and other system are secure and protected. This communication also allows for flexibility using the SPC user models. The rights and permissions of users protect the user and the system from malicious attacks. Customers can use the system with confidence whether they are on-site or using the SPC Connect to enable cloud services. Their data is secure, and communications are protected.

Vanderbilt has been working with CNPP for many years to ensure the quality of intrusion products for the French market. This innovative step by the approval body to have a defined standard for cyber is a clear indication of the path of security systems. As the cloud becomes an element of security, we move forward with confidence in working with partners like CNPP and ANSSI.

‘The market is flushed with cybersecurity standards, but the NF cybersecurity standard from CNPP is the first specifically developed for intrusion alarm systems. It is a great way to benchmark and improve our SPC intrusion systems,” concludes Nick Pegtol, Vanderbilt’s Country Manager for Benelux, Greece and Cyprus.

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