Genetec Announces New Version of Security Center


Version 5.8 features customizable dashboards, a new mobile app, new health monitoring, privacy and cybersecurity features

Genetec has announced a new version of Security Center, the company’s open-architecture platform that unifies video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. With customizable live dashboards, enhanced privacy protection features, a brand-new map-driven mobile app, and new functionalities that help users actively monitor the health of their system and ensure compliance with cybersecurity best practices, version 5.8 will ensure that users can optimize their physical security environment while benefiting from greater visibility into their operations.

Dashboard---campus-access-controlCustomizable live dashboard: Security Center 5.8 will enable users to create custom dashboards that will display real-time data, such as video feeds, alarms, reports and charts in a way that is meaningful to them and their specific job function (security, operations, IT etc.). Users can set up their dashboards using simple point-and-click tools, and instantly combine data from the entire Genetec portfolio (video, access control, ALPR, etc.) in one screen to gain a new perspective on the evolution of events and key metrics across their operations.

Mobile app: Security Center 5.8 will introduce a brand-new collaborative mobile app to provide operators complete access to their Security Center system when they are on the move and allow them to turn their smartphone into a valuable contributing sensor to their security system.

In addition to recording incidents, accessing nearby video, access control, and ALPR devices as well as sharing video from their phones to Security Center, the new mobile app will let operators share their location with colleagues in the operations center, send in-app messages and share live and recorded video through an intuitive map-oriented interface. Key features will include:

  • Video (live and recorded playback, PTZ controls, bookmarking, time- and event-based reports)
  • Access control (check door status, lock/unlock doors, override schedule, set maintenance mode etc.);
  • ALPR (live reads/hits, plate reports, and access hotlists);
  • Interactive maps that increase local awareness and put critical information much closer to the operators, enabling them to easily visualize their environment and respond quickly.
  • Built-in messaging allows for instantaneous sharing of information between operators and personnel in the field. This extends to sharing live or recorded video clips, text messages and other security information.

System resilience and cybersecurity: System administrators are acutely aware of the critical nature of security systems, but often lack the tools to assess the potential exposure of their software, operating systems and physical security devices. Security Center 5.8 will introduce a new Security Score feature to track each system’s compliance with hardening guidelines, firmware availability and updates, password strength, as well as several other dimensions of cybersecurity. Available through the built-in System Health dashboard, the Security Score will measure individual cybersecurity processes and verify that they are followed by the system. This will enable users to get a better understanding of the cyber security risks they face and enable them to take the necessary steps to harden their system.

With the new KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor feature, the system will also automatically detect potential camera position changes, loss of image quality or tampering, and alert administrators immediately. This allows them to get ahead of problems and take the necessary corrective action immediately, rather than wait to find out there is a problem when they need footage and it is not available.

Privacy: The new version of Security Center will also feature enhanced privacy protection layers to help customers comply with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Building on the patented dynamic blurring and encryption technology in KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™, which is now included at no cost for all Genetec Advantage customers[1], Security Center will help users define and control who has access to sensitive data and footage, without slowing down investigations and incident response. Users will be able to define strict access procedures such as the Four Eyes Principle, which will ensure that organizations don’t have to choose between protecting the privacy of individuals and their physical security.

Security Center version 5.8 is expected to be available in Q2 2019. For more information, read our Sneak Peek blog or please contact the Genetec Channel Sales Team or a certified member of the Genetec Channel Partner Program


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