SGW Launch New CCTV Image Quality Assessment System


The global video surveillance market has increased at a significant pace over the years and projections are made that the market would rise in the next four years.

The video surveillance market is expected to increase due to increasing safety concerns, rising urban population, upsurge in infrastructural investment, growing Artificial Intelligence etc. Yet the market faces some challenges which includes ensuring systems are fit for purpose, meets operational requirements and are of appropriate image quality to satisfy the requirements of law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system.

The new CCTV Image Quality Assessment System is aligned with the requirements of IEC 62676-4:2014, to achieve a consistent, objective and repetitive evaluation process relating to Video Surveillance System images. The system comprises of several assessment tool-kits as follows: –

  • “VIC” – Video Image Calculator
  • “SAM” – Screen Assessment Matrix
  • “Harry” – The 3(R)D Man…. (‘add-on pack’)
New CCTV Image Quality Assessment System at International Security Expo 2018

New CCTV Image Quality Assessment System at International Security Expo 2018


Commenting on SGW’s launch of the New CCTV Image Quality Assessment System, Simon Whitehouse, Managing Director of SGW said; As CCTV and Digital Video Surveillance Technology has evolved over the last decade, it has become more challenging to objectively measure and record if the performance characteristics of an installation have been met by the installing company, using the legacy CCTV test tools that have been historically available in the market, since the 1990’s. At SGW, we are committed to raising the bar in the way we ensure a system is delivered as fit for purpose, according to the needs of the system user and appropriate regulatory authorities. When I was first approached by Sam Samuels (‘VIC, SAM & Harry’s creator’) for SGW to take his inventions to market, I was quick to acknowledge that his system would add further value and assessment accuracy for SGW’s consulting projects. I am delighted to announce that SGW have entered into an exclusive UK & European manufacturing and distribution agreement, which aims to ensure VIC, SAM & Harry become the assessment tools of choice, for all CCTV & Video Surveillance System engineering professionals. We are committed to working with regulatory authorities and our peers, to ensure the Image Quality Assessment System evolves over time, with additional tools being made available in the future, which are aligned to a process of continued improvement.

Sam Samuels, VIC, SAM & Harry’s creator said; Working within the requirements of IEC 62676-4, I was unable to find the tools necessary for the setup, commissioning and auditing of CCTV fields of views which provided quantified, consistent and repeatable results. This convinced me of a need to develop a solution able to identify effective pixel densities not simply at time of image capture, but following storage and recovery of compressed files. Further, the lack of competent best practice in the setting up of fields of view had left commissioning engineers unable translate an Operational Requirement into a usable image. Having developed the hardware and software tools and guidance


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