Bodytech Aruba Deploys Boon Edam Turnstile to Ensure “Members Only” Access


Gym integrates Speedlane 300 with access control system, cameras, alarms and additional security control

Bodytech ArubaBoon Edam has implemented their Speedlane 300 entry system at the Bodytech Fitness Club in Aruba. The resort island of Aruba in the Caribbean attracts millions of tourists looking for rest and relaxation as well as a large number looking to stay fit while on vacation. Visitors have been doing just that for over a year at the Bodytech Fitness Club which, according to their website, offers a spacious, air-conditioned gym and the best and latest Life Fitness equipment designed for their guests’ enjoyment. The gym even offers tourists two-week passes for utiliziation during their visit to the island.

Easy and Fast Access

Bodytech’s slogan is, “You won’t keep coming because you need to, you’ll keep coming because you want to”. Bodytech is open seven days a week, giving daily access to between 200 and 400 people. With the installment of a new Boon Edam Speedlane 300 optical turnstile, visitors are ensured fast and easy access to the gym.

The Boon Edam Speedlane 300 offers a stringent level of security coupled with a modern and functional design that is “very strong and dependable” according to Fernando Metz, commercial director of Mexim Aruba, the installer of the access control system and the optical turnstile.

The Speedlane 300 consists of two elliptical cabinets with angel wing barriers that retract into the units to allow passage to authorized users. Most striking about this entry solution are the lights that have been integrated into the angel wings. The barriers turn green when the lane is ready for use and red when the barriers are closing, or when an alarm has been triggered. The visitor immediately recognizes whether to enter the lane or wait for assistance.

Efficient Security and Service

The Boon Edam Speedlane 300 solution is not only attractive, it also provides biometric access control with fingerprint readers. This enables the club to determine which members have not paid, allowing the club to better control access to the facilities.

“It’s a very good product and we’ve never had any problems with it. It is very stable and does the job it needs to do,” says Jason Gerlin, co-owner of Bodytech Aruba. “All of the employees like the fact that they dont need to spend time monitoring dates of the membership; its all automatic.”

Easy Integration

The Boon Edam entry system operates with open source software from the gym, facilitating the integration of new equipment and programs.

Mr. Gerlin notes, “it’s a very easy system to operate. It’s only been in service for a year and the return on investment has been outstanding”. He also highlighted the customer service and monitoring that Mexim Aruba has offered. “If there are any questions, they are more than willing to help”.

Mr. Metz recommends Boon Edam entry systems because of their quality and performance. In his opinion, “Nothing comes close in the market.”

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