Australian IoT Company Making a Splash in South Korea with Smart Energy Solutions


Freestyle Technology (FST) announces another important win, this time in the South Korean Municipality of Gimje. FST will supply Gimje with a smart water IoT (Internet of Things) platform comprising smart meters, wireless communications, end to end visibility of all water assets, improved leak detection, and automated meter reading. Another unique feature of the IoT service is the ability to gauge the wellbeing of clients, such as elderly citizens, through water usage and to request welfare checks if usage drops below normal levels.

FST is an Australian innovator in Enterprise and Government that is focused on deploying IoT solutions in the essential services sector of water, gas and electricity networks.

“Complementing our overseas deployments, our Australian deployed innovations such as IoT-enabled microgrid to national grid orchestration using our patented IoT enabled distributed intelligence solution, provide complete automation, removing manual intervention or decision making. This drives energy savings and resource efficiencies,” said Mohan Jesudason, Managing Director and CEO, Freestyle Technology.

The Gimje rollout encompasses an initial 2,300 homes and commenced in February 2018, with completion
due in June of the same year. This win comes off the back of a 2017 contract in Gochang South Korea, in
which FST successfully handed over a 24,104 home rollout in December 2017 as part of a blanket deployment of smart water meters. Gochang was the first South Korean municipality to adopt such an approach across all households.

“This shows Freestyle’s significant success in IoT-enablement of utility functions across Asia in competitive,
advanced markets,” said Mohan Jesudason.

The company currently services over 30,000 customers across Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Korea and
processes over 20 million transactions monthly on its IoT platform. The system is extensible for artificial
intelligence applications. For example, FST is commercialising a predictive AI algorithm that uses gas
usage data to accurately forecast future consumption and provides an optimal job list and driver
route for just-in-time, gas bottle replacement.

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