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JETprotect Corporation introduces Chase 5, a new little brother stacking pan-tilt.

JETprotect_logoJETprotect has announces the release of their newest product – Chase 5.  An outdoor stacking pan and tilt positioner that can accurately point heavy lenses looking miles away.  Or a combination of cameras and emitters tracking drones.

The Chase 5™ got its name from hunting disturbances at the perimeter in a compact size.  It can aim two 12 Kg cameras and high intensity lights at a speed of 120˚ per second to within .01˚ on an 8” diagonal frame good for chasing trespassers.  Because it is designed for stacking, other 20 Kg devices can be placed on top.

This brute has 12 newton-meters of torque at each axle and 480 W of Power-over-Ethernet for multiple sensors and actuators.  But if needed, analog sensors can be converted to Ethernet at each end of the tilt axle and at the top of the stacking pan shaft with H.264. And if emitters are hungry, up to 2.4KW is available.

Chase 5 smlInside the Chase 5™ and through its pan slip ring resides a 4 port Ethernet Layer 2 switch to manage the payload sensor network.  Modern guidance control is achieved with acceleration, velocity, position and time commands or simple ASCII.

“This stacking pan/tilt was purpose built for multiple sensor payloads that can reach miles in any weather,” said GEJohnston, Chase designer. He continues, “The Chase 5™ gives integrators a combination of radar, cameras and actuators in a single compact rugged package over Ethernet”.

The Chase 5 production is in Morgan Hill, CA, USA.

About  JETprotect:
JETprotect celebrates its 10 Anniversary this year.  An R&D / Manufacturing Company that designs and produces harsh environment hardware and analytic software featuring automatic awareness and action for safety in Military, Corporate, and Private markets.

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