Networked solutions from Bosch make commercial buildings fit for the future


Bosch logoTomorrow’s commercial buildings are safer, smarter and more comfortable and efficient. At this year’s Light & Building show, Bosch experts will showcase networked systems and services at booth C60 in Hall 9.1. Bosch applies its many years of experience as a system integrator and the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to safeguard people, values and the environment as a complete supplier of building solutions.

Leading-edge fire detection from one source

Foremost among the complete solutions available from Bosch for fast and reliable early on-site detection of fires is the video-based fire detection system AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000. In November 2017 it became the world’s first such system to be approved by VdS Schadenverhütung, a leading independent German certification body.

For meeting the requirements of small to midsized applications, like in nursery schools, schools, hotels, stores and office buildings, Bosch stresses solutions centering on the FPA 1100 fire panel. Its principal advantages are simple installation, startup and operation. In addition to helping customers plan systems to meet their needs, Bosch also supports installers for commissioning and maintaining them with the aid of various remote services based on the cloud-based EffiLink platform.

Networked security management

Bosch enables customized security management solutions with the Building Integration System (BIS). This doubles as a user-friendly interface for fire alarm, intrusion detection or access control systems and as a central management platform for large, complex solutions spanning multiple sites. When it is supplemented with automatic video image transfer capabilities and tailored action plans, security staff have all relevant information at their fingertips.

Effective energy management

In order to effectively manage energy and resources in buildings and production facilities, Bosch’s building experts provide integrated solutions based on the Energy Platform, which targets manufacturing enterprises in particular. This powerful cloud-based software solution distills information from various sources into meaningful metrics. Evaluation of energy and process data via a single user interface reveals ways to optimize processes and provides the basis for evolving toward Industry 4.0.

Integrated solutions for hospitals and clinics

Bosch’s building experts will also present integrated solutions for the healthcare sector at Light and Building 2018 in Frankfurt. Smart hospitals are the wave of the future, holding enormous potential for improving processes and enabling greater efficiency. These solutions streamline building operation, reduce staff workloads and ensure greater comfort for patients. The portfolio covers the areas of security, energy efficiency, communication and building management, giving clients a full toolset from one source for optimizing the entire value chain. It is backed by flexible financing and operating models.


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