The new camera line Mx6 creates more possibilities


More images, in all light conditions, in every standard.

MOBOTIX image1

More intelligence is on the way.

With the new camera line Mx6, MOBOTIX is now expanding its portfolio with an innovation of even higher performance. The most powerful 6MP camera system yet from MOBOTIX delivers up to twice as many images per second at the same resolution. Fast moving objects are captured even better. In addition, Mx6 provides more capacity for software applications, e.g. 3D motion analysis or number plate recognition in the camera.

MOBOTIX image2

“Frame Rate”


MOBOTIX image3

Brilliant images in MxPEG and H.264, easily integrated.

Mx6 delivers video data simultaneously in MxPEG, MJPEG and for the first time also in the industry standard H.264. The new camera system is also significantly more flexible thanks to RTSP / Multicast and opens up new applications and integration possibilities. The outdoor dual cameras M16, S16, D16 and V16 are available as of 1st of May 2017.


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