Bosch enables central access control across distributed sites from one single authorization server


Bosch logoBosch has launched an update of its Building Integration System (BIS) software which enables security managers to manage and configure access control and authorization across globally distributed sites, from a single server to all local sites.

These distributed systems are usually found in large, global enterprises with many different sites spread across many different regions. They can include, for example, international corporations with offices worldwide or companies with corporate security responsibility but geographically distributed installations, such as metros or retail chains.

With BIS 4.3 from Bosch, companies managing distributed systems can now benefit from being able to operate multiple servers. All changes and updates at the central corporate server are immediately replicated to all sites and servers.

bosch-cac1Security managers can use a single central authorization server to operate a wide range of servers across the world for central cardholder management, thereby facilitating central enrollment of new employees or modifying access authorizations for all cardholders worldwide. The effect is immediate for all sites, so that employees travelling between sites no longer have to ask for local access permissions.

Also, regional access can be granted from the central authorization server. This allows, for example, an international manufacturing corporation based in Berlin to instantly grant or deny site access to employee cardholders at a remote industrial plant in Brazil from their Berlin HQ.

Central cardholder management is available with BIS 4.3 from Bosch on demand as an optional feature.

Cyber security has been further enhanced with advanced encryption on client-server communication and by allowing BIS 4.3 from Bosch to be installed on Windows 10, Microsoft’s most secure operating system.


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