Gallagher Releases New Class 5 End of Line Module (ELM)


GallagherGallagher continues to provide the best in high security protection, with the release of the Gallagher Class 5 End of Line Module (ELM).

High value and sensitive assets are normally protected by intruder alarm systems, using 3-4 state analogue monitoring to detect sensor tampering. Without a Class 5 ELM, sites are susceptible to sophisticated attacks, rendering high value assets unprotected.

Gallagher Chief Technology Officer, Steve Bell, says the Class 5 ELM uses the latest digital encryption security standards to protect against all known vulnerabilities, ensuring alarms are always reported should sensors come under attack.

Type_1A_End_of_Line_Module_-_ELM_ORANGE_SMUDGED-8709716b15acbb9086ade430b7f27cb1“Most security systems have a weak link with non-authenticated sensor inputs communicating unencrypted with controllers,” says Steve. “The Gallagher Class 5 ELM secures this weakness by extending full end-to-end authentication and encryption from highly secure Gallagher devices to any PIR or sensor in a system.”

Steve highlights the ability of the Gallagher Class 5 ELM to protect against all known vulnerabilities and sophisticated attacks. “This includes sensor tampering, disablement or insider attack,” he says.

In Australia and New Zealand, the addition of the Class 5 ELM to the Gallagher hardware suite means Gallagher security systems can now be configured to comply with the highest security level of the AS/NZS 2201 Intruder Alarms Standard*.

“As a component of an AS/NZS 2201 intruder alarm system, the Class 5 ELM strengthens security solutions protecting high value and sensitive assets,” says Steve.

The Gallagher Class 5 ELM provides physical input connections with the sensor, including alarm contact, tamper contact and anti-masking contact (available for sensor devices that have an anti-mask output that can be directly wired into the ELM). It features all the benefits of standard Gallagher device functionality, including field upgradeable code to improve device longevity; plug and play authentication for quick and secure installation; and multiple device support on the same wiring run.

Simple to install, the Gallagher Class 5 ELM is a small potted PCB device designed to easily fit inside a tamper-proofed junction box or the housing of a high-grade alarm sensor device, such as a PIR or contact sensor. Its small size and leveraging of Gallagher system flexibility to allow re-use of existing site wiring means it eliminates the need to run additional wiring on install.

Gallagher is recognized as an award-winning industry leader in the design and development of effective, security systems. With a strong focus on innovation, Gallagher aims to redefine what’s possible for its customers and the security industry as a whole. Visit for more information on the Gallagher Class 5 ELM, or contact us to discuss the best security solution for your needs.

* Along with the Gallagher Class 5 ELM, other specific Gallagher hardware usage and product configuration is required to comply with the AS/NZS 2201 Class 5 Standard.


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