Southwest Microwave Launches UniZone Plug-and-Deploy Fence Detection Sensor


Southwest-Microwave-Logo-CS4Southwest Microwave continues aggressive expansion of its suite of INTREPID intelligent perimeter detection systems with the launch of the INTREPID UniZone Plug-and-Deploy Fence Detection Sensor. Offering unprecedented ease of installation and deployment, UniZone is a high-performance, standalone intrusion sensor designed to reliably and cost-effectively protect smaller critical infrastructure sites vulnerable to terror attack, sabotage, asset theft or liability risk.

Based on Southwest Microwave’s field-proven MicroPoint smart-sensor technology and designed to perform in harsh outdoor environments, UniZone protects up to 200 linear meters of fence line. Engineered for quick, easy installation and programming, the system is driven by a UniZone sensor mounted to the fence or in a nearby control room, connected to a length of MicroPoint sensor cable tie-wrapped to the fence or topper to detect cut or climb attacks. Advanced shielding and surge protection make it ideal for lightning-prone sites or those with high electromagnetic or RF interference.

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As a plug-and-deploy detection sensor, the UniZone set-up process is simple. The installer uses a laptop USB connection to configure and calibrate the system via user-friendly Installation Service Tool software. LEDs on the sensor identify power input, alarm status, fault notification and sensor disturbance, while isolated, on-board relay contacts provide intrusion monitoring and fault alarm indication.

“UniZone incorporates the superior system intelligence that positions our full range of INTREPID fence detectors as leaders in their class, scaled to efficiently protect shorter perimeters like those surrounding cellular towers, water reservoirs, fuel storage tanks, electric switchyards or other small yet security-sensitive assets,” said Bob Kirkaldie, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales.

“One simply mounts the sensor to nearly any type of fence fabric, adds power, programs the system in a few easy steps and it’s ready for use.”

Like all of Southwest Microwave’s fence detection systems, UniZone employs patented Point Impact Discrimination to precisely monitor activity along the sensor cable in 1.1 meter increments – or cells – enabling the system to analyze the characteristics of each disturbance and reliably detect cut or climb intrusion attempts while ignoring harmless environmental noise such as wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

“UniZone satisfies both critical requirements of a superior intrusion detection solution. Powerful digital signal processing to successfully mitigate risk of site compromise and as critically, the prevention of nuisance alarms, which continue to plague many detection products on the market today,” Kirkaldie said.

He also explained that conventional sensors offer only one detection sensitivity setting per alarm segment. Conversely, UniZone employs a proprietary software-based calibration process – Sensitivity Leveling – to account for variations in fence fabric or tension and optimize detection sensitivity within each 1.1 meter cell. The result is uniform intrusion detection along the entire protected fence line.

“UniZone represents a real breakthrough in detection technology. It delivers the trusted performance of our most sophisticated INTREPID fence protection technologies at an attractive price point for customers with smaller critical infrastructure site protection needs, and with an ease of deployment that enables our installers to tailor the solution to a user’s individualized requirements in minutes.”

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About Southwest Microwave, Inc.: Southwest Microwave, Inc. produces and supports the world’s broadest range of integrated outdoor perimeter security systems for the protection of critical infrastructure, high value assets and personnel. With over 40 years of experience and more than 70,000 systems in 80 countries, Southwest Microwave detection technologies perform reliably in harsh external environments and fortify many of the world’s highest security sites in the government, military, utilities, industrial, transportation, correctional and VIP residential sectors. For more information, visit, Twitter: @SWMicrowave


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