Axis upgrades top-of-the-line pan/tilt/zoom series with launch of nine new cameras


New axis imageThe top-of-the-line AXIS Q60 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series now includes nine new robust, high-speed pan/tilt/zoom cameras for wide area surveillance in indoor, outdoor and desert environments. The cameras, with up to HDTV 1080p resolution and high optical zoom, have improved image quality, light sensitivity and enhanced capacity for intelligent video. They are ideal for use in city and perimeter surveillance, airports, train stations, harbours, along pipelines, construction and manufacturing sites, and stadiums.

Axis Communications, a world leader in network video, has launched AXIS Q6042/-E/-C with Extended D1 resolution and 36x optical zoom, AXIS Q6044/-E/-C with HDTV 720p and 30x optical zoom, and AXIS Q6045/-E/-C with HDTV 1080p and 20x optical zoom.

“At Axis, we always strive to make our cameras even better and the improvements we have made to the  AXIS Q60s are particularly evident with the HDTV models, especially in low-light situations,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management.

“Customers will appreciate that we have maintained the successful form factor and mechanics that make AXIS Q60 cameras reliable and easy to install.”

AXIS Q6044/-E/-C PTZ domes have 30x optical zoom, compared with 18x in previous HDTV 720p models. In addition, their light sensitivity is nearly three times better than the industry norm for HDTV cameras. They also support electronic image stabilisation, which reduces the effects of camera vibrations (from wind or traffic) to provide clearer, more useful video. In addition, they support automatic defog, which automatically detects fog in the scene and digitally filters it out of view for clearer video.

AXIS Q6045/-E/-C PTZ domes also have better light sensitivity than its AXIS Q6035/-E/-C predecessors. Furthermore, they have additional built-in video analytics such as highlight compensation (which masks bright lights for ease of viewing), object removed, fence detector, object counter and enter/exit detection.

The new AXIS Q60 cameras are equipped with a powerful CPU (central processing unit) and co-processor. They enable better image quality, with lower noise, higher light sensitivity for sharper images and more efficient video compression with H.264 Main Profile. They also provide improved support for simultaneous streaming of multiple, individually optimized video streams, providing video management systems with increased flexibility and manageable network and storage use. In addition, there is more processing power and capacity for intelligent video applications, which are helpful in alerting and enabling operators to act on potential and actual alarm situations.

An added feature in all new AXIS Q60 cameras is shock detection, which mechanically detects and triggers an alarm if the camera has been hit. The day/night functionality in the cameras is now also adjustable, allowing operators to determine when the camera should automatically shift between day mode (when video is presented in color) and night mode (when video is presented in black and white) to take advantage of infrared light in low light situations. Brightness control also allows operators to make the dark areas of a scene brighter.

The outdoor-ready AXIS Q6042-E/Q6044-E/Q6045-E models have better surge protection, fulfilling EN/IEC 61000-4-5, EN 55024, EN 50121-4 (railway), IEC 62236 (railway) standards.

Further features of AXIS Q60 Series cameras include:

  • 360° continuous pan for wide area surveillance, and precision and high-speed panning/tilting of up to 450° per second.
  • High zoom, in combination with high resolution, enabling detailed surveillance at great distances.
  • Guard tour that enables the cameras to be automatically directed to 256 preset positions. Guard tour can be easily set up with the tour recording functionality.
  • Support for video motion detection, autotracking, Active Gatekeeper and AXIS Camera Application Platform that enables the installation of additional intelligent video applications.
  • IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings for outdoor-ready “-E” and “-C” models, ensuring protection against dust, rain and snow. AXIS Q60-E cameras support Arctic Temperature Control for safe start-up even at temperatures as low as -40°C/°F. AXIS Q60-C cameras with active cooling can operate in temperatures as high as 75°C (167°F) and meet the tough military standard, MIL-STD-810G, ensuring reliable operation in harsh weather conditions such as sandstorms.
  • Built-in slot for full-sized SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card for storing recordings locally.
  • Highest degree of security, including HTTPS encrypted video streams that do not affect performance, and IPv6 support in addition to IPv4.
  • Power over Ethernet support that enables greater convenience and easier installation.
  • Support for fiber optic network connection with AXIS Q60-C models.

AXIS Q60 Series cameras are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, AXIS Camera Station and the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion. The camera also includes support for AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.


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