Raytec protects critical infrastructure in Oman


Raytech newletter imageThe Oman Water and Electrical Board have chosen Infra-Red LED illuminators from Raytec to protect various sites classed as critical infrastructure.

In a challenging high security surveillance project, a lighting solution was required that would provide excellent night vision for all cameras on site and withstand the extremely hot, dry desert conditions, dust, strong winds and sandstorms.

Having previously deployed Raytec LED lighting on a similar project, security integrator ‘Mustafa Sultan’ recommended the RAYMAX Infra-Red illuminators, knowing that they would meet the demands.

Raytec illuminators are tough and robust, and proved the perfect solution for the challenging weather conditions in Oman. Certain Raytec illuminators have undergone high temperature testing and can operate in temperatures up to +70°C. As IP66 rated units, they are purpose designed to operate in extreme heat, resist vibration, impact, water and dust; all without any damage to their performance. This has been paramount to the success of the installation, delivering high levels of security and longevity.

Installed alongside every camera on site, the Infra-Red illuminators provided all the lighting needed for security purposes but with zero light pollution. The high quality, crystal clear, even illumination allowed the cameras to generate excellent night-time images with superb clarity and detail even at long distances.

Steven Carrell, Raytec’s Regional Sales Manager comments on the installation: “Due to the high security nature of the installation, it was imperative that we were able to deliver a robust lighting solution that could withstand the high temperatures in Oman and would not fail. The RAYMAX illuminators are purpose designed for this type of application, with 1000s of units already installed throughout the Middle East”.

The Oman Water and Electrical Board also saw the energy and cost saving benefit in choosing LED illuminators. All Raytec illuminators provide a long ten year life, have an extremely low power consumption and low running costs, and also require zero maintenance. This has allowed the board to make significant savings compared to other traditional high energy lighting solutions.


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