Honeywell Announces Enhanced Pro-Watch Security Management System


The latest version of Honeywell’s (NYSE: HON) Pro-Watch security management system expands the added-value services dealers can provide to their customers. The Pro-Watch® 4.1 security management system adds support for Honeywell’s Vindicator® high security intrusion detection system, as well as SALTO® disconnected readers and Mercury Security™ control panels. These enhancements provide users with advanced perimeter protection tools, and more options to extend access control to large and remote facilities.

“It’s not uncommon for organizations to have access control, video surveillance and intrusion systems from separate manufacturers,” said Eric Green, Senior Product Manager at Honeywell Security Products Americas. “Organizations are purchasing and expanding their security infrastructure as their business needs change. The Pro-Watch platform provides users a seamless way to connect their disparate security systems onto a single management system. Organizations have the flexibility to use or upgrade their existing security systems, and expand those systems as their business grows.”

An example of the Pro-Watch platform’s ability to grow with an organization is the integration with Honeywell Vindicator, a high security intrusion detection system certified for use at military installations and nuclear facilities by the U.S. government. Through the Pro-Watch platform, Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) integrators can deploy Vindicator products to enhance their customers’ intrusion detection systems. The seamless integration with the Pro-Watch platform reduces deployment costs, strengthens perimeter protections and improves user productivity for customers by taking advantage of the graphic user interface (GUI) in the Pro-Watch platform.

“Organizations deploying advanced perimeter protection such as research laboratories, chemical plants, oil refineries and utilities have had limited options,” said Angela Oberman, Sr. Customer Market Manager, at Honeywell Security Products Americas. “The integration of Vindicator products with the Pro-Watch platform gives these organizations the flexibility to add the robust perimeter protection they need to their existing security management system. Capabilities of the system include support for advanced sensor systems such as water and ground based radar, fiber optic fence mounted sensors, and high speed barricades.”

The integration of SALTO disconnected readers to the Pro-Watch platform further expands the added-value services integrators can deliver to their customers with large and remote facilities, such as healthcare and higher education institutions that typically have multiple buildings. The addition of disconnected readers from SALTO to the Pro-Watch platform also complements the recent addition of wireless readers from IR Schlage®. These solutions extend electronic access control to areas that were previously cost prohibitive to reach and give users access to the platform’s advanced reporting functions.

Pro-Watch 4.1 also adds support for Mercury Security’s standard protocol control panels. The addition gives integrators an easy path to migrate customers using third-party access control solutions, supported by Mercury Security control panels, to the Pro-Watch platform. Organizations have the option to keep or upgrade their existing access control hardware to Honeywell components, including readers and access cards. It’s a significant benefit for organizations connecting multiple sites or hundreds of doors to the platform, because it reduces the cost and complexity of connecting disparate security systems to the Pro-Watch platform. Users also get access to the system’s advanced badging and reporting functions to pull real-time dynamic reports.

The Pro-Watch platform is available in four editions:

  • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition designed for global enterprises with multiple locations and security systems to manage.
  • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition is ideal for large organization and campuses.
  • Pro-Watch Professional Edition provides complete functionality for organizations with up to 64 doors or requiring regulatory compliance.
  • Pro-Watch Lite Edition offers basic functionality for organizations with up to 32 doors, as well as Rapid Eye™ video technology.

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